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Travel Information

It is unfortunate that some official and unofficial people prey on tourists to con them out of money. Please note the following carefully:

  • Always get receipts for anything you are required to pay such as visas. (The same person you paid on entry may demand to see it on departure and claim you entered the country illegally.)
  • Always watch your passport being stamped and check the stamp afterwards. (Some Immigration Officers ‘forget’ to stamp your passport on arrival and demand a ‘fine’ on departure for entering the country illegally.)
  • Ensure the number of days/weeks allowed to stay on your passport’s visa stamp agree with the time you expect to remain in Tanzania or Kenya.
  • Never change money at the border. Years ago, visitors were required to cash money into local currency on entering Kenya or Tanzania. This is no longer the case, but some people may try to tell you differently and then cheat you on the rate. Other may sell you counterfeit bills.
  • AGAIN – Never change money at the border with someone who tells you they are giving you a good rate – even if it is a great rate. THIS IS A SCAM! During the transaction, a friend will claim to be an official and that the transaction is
    an offense. ‘You will be charged.’ To avoid being charged, you surrender your evidence (the money) and after you are gone, your money is split.
  • Watch your things at all times. Stuff in or on the bus should be safe, as the driver will generally keep an eye on it. Do not, however, leave anything near an unlocked window. If you carry a bag, keep it close to you and do not set it down.
  • Watch where you walk. This is a busy area and there are many vehicles, large and small about. In the noise and confusion, you might step in front of a moving vehicle.
  • Don’t take any pictures of people in uniforms. It is actually best not to take pictures because there is the opportunity for someone to claim it is against the laws. (In the days of mass paranoia, there were laws against taking pictures at any government installation and you might be accused of being a CIA or KGB operative. This comes from terrorism acts.)
  • Don’t go anyplace with anybody except into one of the official Customs or Immigrations buildings. No matter how official someone looks, if he asks you to go with him to other than the official building, refuse and ask to go into the official building to see his supervisor.
  • When the Maasai women tell you something is a gift, they will expect something back, generally cash.
  • A WORD ABOUT BRIBES – Some visitors feel it is cheaper and easier to bribe officials rather than pay the proper visa fees. It may even add a little intrigue or excitement to your trip. We strongly suggest against this. Tourism professionals have been working for years to end corruption by border officials so that all visitors have a more pleasant experience.
  • Departure Taxes. Don’t let anybody tell you to pay a departure tax at Namanga. Departure taxes only apply to airports and harbours, not land borders.


The trip can have its boring stretches and it is best if you have a good book to pass the time. You should also bring your water bottle and a snack. Remember, to buy soft drinks, you have to have an empty bottle or drink it there.

If travelling to Moshi we recommend you take some snacks or Picnic Lunch since normal shared shuttle arrive by 4pm average

Temperatures can start out chilly in either town, and can end cool as well. Namanga, however, is often quite warm. You should dress in layers to be able to reduce clothing as you get warmer.


The trip usually costs no more than US $25.00 each way Nairobi to Arusha and Nairobi to Moshi $30

Private transfers cost:


You are generally allowed two pieces of luggage and a carry-on bag. Total luggage weight is often limited to 22 kilogrammes.

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